Butter paper


  • Vendor code: 139128
  • Size: 380mm*50m
  • Availability: in stock

WHITE BUTTER PAPER siliconized 380mm*20m

  • Vendor code: 139129
  • Size: 380mm*20m
  • Availability: in stock

White butter paper

  • Vendor code: 139090
  • Size: 280мм*50м
  • Availability: in stock


  • Vendor code: 139059
  • Size: 420*370 mm
  • Availability: in stock

Fat-resistant brown paper 320*280 mm

  • Vendor code: 139058
  • Size: 320*280 mm
  • Availability: in stock

Butter paper

  • Vendor code: 139030
  • Size: 400*600 mm
  • Availability: in stock

Butter paper

Butter paper - wrapping paper, which is made of porous filter paper, has found its application in many industries, including packaging materials. But a special place, due to its fat-resistant properties, is it in the food industry:

  • for packing cakes, fish, sandwiches, pastries, ready-made meat dishes;
  • for baking biscuits ... 

Butter paper in rolls, which can be bought wholesale from us at a low price, an indispensable assistant at home and in production.

Also, we can buy butter paper and siliconized parchment for baking multiple use (up to 5-8 times on each side).

The butter paper density is 41 g / m2, which allows a 21% reduction in material consumption compared to other sub-parchments having a density of 52 g / m2. 

Benefits of using butter paper:

  • Reduces energy consumption, since there is no need for heating the baking sheets.
  • Increases the culture of confectionery production, saves time, money and efforts to maintain the cleanliness of work surfaces - trays, bakeware, etc.
  • Butter paper has high separation properties: the products do not stick, and most importantly, they are excellently separated from the working surfaces and the paper itself.
  • It can completely eliminate the use of margarine and other fats, which contributes to the production of dietary products.
  • It contributes to the preparation of "pure" products that do not contain carcinogenic substances (all useful and high taste properties of confectionery and bakery products are preserved, and do not harm human health).
  • Butter paper for packaging is characterized by very high fat and moisture resistance. This feature of butter paper allows not only to freeze semi-finished products and blanks, but also to bake in the same paper.
  • The raw materials used in the production of butter paper meet European quality requirements for materials that are in direct contact with food products. 

With us you can always order:

  • siliconized butter paper,
  • non-siliconized butter paper in rolls and sheets,
  • 840 mm wide butter paper in rolls. Cutting to your size is possible.

The range of our products presents a variety of paper packaging for your products. You can buy butter paper for baking, the necessary goods at low wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer with a guarantee of quality and delivery throughout Ukraine. There is a flexible system of discounts. For any questions, please contact our managers.

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