Paper tableware

Paper tableware - aesthetics and safety in one product

Disposable paper tableware strengthens its position in the packaging market. Its popularity is undeniable. After all, what could be more practical and more convenient than a container, which, in addition to being strong enough, has low weight and low price? Such tableware are used not only at picnics, but also at press conferences, holidays, and various events. Even at home, such tableware will become an indispensable thing, especially on family holidays. Sale of paper tableware allows you to fully equip fast-food establishments, cafes, pizzerias, as well as carrying out activities in nature in full.

Why do you choose paper tableware?

Paper tableware, alas, are not as popular as plastic disposable tableware. But this is explained only by the complexity of production. Although the advantages of such dishes are much more:

  • paper dishes are harmless and eco-friendly;
  • another plus - hygiene - such tableware cannot be used twice (as opposed to plastic, which some do not throw away after the first use in order to save);
  • disposable paper tableware - a great option for hot drinks;
  • the material from which, for example, a paper cup is made, does not emit chlorine (therefore, coffee is often poured into vending machines precisely in paper containers);
  • Such tableware - the perfect advertising.

You can also call a lot of advantages, but the main advantage of this dish is its harmlessness to health.

Paper tableware: design matters

Paper packaging is an excellent base for the realization of the most unpredictable design decisions. Different types of printing are used for printing pictures or advertising text: offset, flexographic, letterpress. This allows you to transfer all the brightness and clarity of the image. Such dishes can then be successfully used at children's parties (for example, funny paper prints in the form of balloons or cartoon characters can be made on paper plates), festivals, exhibitions, and buffets.

When applying your company logo, advertising slogans, various thematic images, your products will become more recognizable, increase sales and customer loyalty.

Paper tableware, which you can buy in Kharkov - the best choice of packaging for any use.

In the assortment of our products presented on the site, you can also order various paper packaging with the possibility of applying images to it. It is also possible to buy additional products at low wholesale prices from the manufacturer. This will help create a complete set of accessories for productive trade in your institution. 

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