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Paper packaging for ice-cream

Paper pan for baking Easter cakes

Formerly Easter cakes were traditionally baked in round and high cylindrical pans. In many families, all kinds of tin cans, pans, cups, glasses were used, so that the newly baked cakes could be of different sizes and shapes.

Now, with the advent of paper baking pans, more people decide to cook a traditional Easter dish at home. They also began to be used in the mass production of Easter cakes for sale in stores during the festive period. 

Paper baking pans have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • The use of such forms greatly facilitates the manufacture, saves time, and ensures high quality of the cake, the uniformity of its baking, makes the cooking process interesting, easy and fun.
  • Due to their use, it became possible to manufacture, sell and consume the ready product in the same form.
  • Paper pans have a high resistance to fats, due to which they do not need to be oiled.
  • They are at the same time both a baking dish and the original packaging for the ready product, they allow to preserve the shape of the product, preserve the fresh taste of baking.
  • The design will satisfy the most demanding taste. 

Give your customers and loved ones a good mood and atmosphere of a spiritual celebration! 

Eco-friendly paper pans

Paper baking pans are made of pure cellulose, have a micro-perforation to remove excess moisture and bake the cake evenly, protect it from burning, withstand temperatures from -40 °C to + 230 °C. The raw materials and technologies used in the manufacture of pans meet the standards of hygiene and food safety.

Paper pans are of absolutely different sizes and colors, you can choose for every taste. Newly baked Easter cakes will be a wonderful gift for loved ones for the feast of Bright Easter!

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