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Paper soup and salad bowls

Paper soup and salad bowls

Currently, disposable paper tableware are becoming more common. Convenient to use, with low thermal conductivity and absolutely safe when interacting with cold and hot foods, it has occupied a decent niche in use in many places of public catering.

Are you going to have fun with friends on picnic? Such tableware will be simply indispensable. 

Main advantages

  • Light - creates additional conveniences in transporting;
  • Practical - will ensure the safety of the product, does not leak, does not get wet;
  • Safe - compared to its glass and ceramic counterparts, it is more resistant to mechanical impacts;
  • Absolutely eco-friendly - does not create problems when recycling, easily amenable to recycling;
  • There is the possibility of applying completely different images, including advertising. 

With our paper dishes you do not have to limit yourself to anything! 

Branding paper tableware

Alfa Pack, being a manufacturer of all kinds of packaging and tableware from various materials, offers in assortment of its goods soup and salad bowls of its own production at minimal wholesale prices. Paper tableware with a logo, which you can buy in Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine, meets the established European quality and safety standards.

The possibility of applying a company logo or other advertising images will increase the visibility of your brand, and the low cost of such table will contribute to a slight increase in prices for your products, which will make it the most competitive. Spectacular, individually designed drawings will attract the attention of customers and become a distinctive feature of your products.

For a complete set of your institution with necessary goods, there is a large assortment of paper and plastic tableware, cutlery and bar accessories from various materials to choose from, on our website. Our quality assurance and timely delivery in a convenient way for you to all settlements of Ukraine will pleasantly surprise! All the information of interest check with our managers.