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Household chemicals

Furniture care multipurpose "Polish"

  • Vendor code: 137230
  • Pieces / pack: 15
  • Volume, g.: 430

Bleach Rhodes

  • Vendor code: 137160
  • Volume, ml: 1000
  • Pieces / pack: 12

Liquid soap in assortment "Fairy"

  • Vendor code: 137135
  • Volume, ml: 5000

Liquid soap in assortment, "Fairy"

  • Vendor code: 137132
  • Volume, ml: 500

Liquid soap Glycerine, PRO

  • Vendor code: 137027
  • Volume, ml: 5000

Laundry soap bar 72%

  • Vendor code: 137026
  • Volume, g.: 150

AirWins air freshener, an assortment

  • Vendor code: 137038
  • Volume, ml: 250

Cleaning agent multipurpose "Clever"

  • Vendor code: 137184
  • Volume, ml: 500

Means for cleaning the floor "Clever"

  • Vendor code: 137124
  • Volume, ml: 5000

Dishwashing liquid "Fairy" Lemon

  • Vendor code: 137127
  • Volume, ml: 1000

Dishwashing liquid "Fairy" Strawberries

  • Vendor code: 137128
  • Volume, ml: 5000

Dishwashing liquid "Fairy" Aloe

  • Vendor code: 137126
  • Volume, ml: 500

Dishwashing liquid PRO, STANDART, jerrycan

  • Vendor code: 137085
  • Volume, ml: 5000

Dishwashing liquid SANA 1l

  • Vendor code: 137014
  • Volume, ml: 1000

Dishwashing liquid SANA 500ml

  • Vendor code: 137012
  • Volume, ml: 500

Means for cleaning drain pipes PRO "Mole"

  • Vendor code: 137017
  • Volume, ml: 1000

Means for glass "Clever"spare, in assortment

  • Vendor code: 137087
  • Volume, ml: 500

Means for glass "Clever"

  • Vendor code: 137129
  • Volume, ml: 5000

Means for glass trigger, PRO

  • Vendor code: 137033
  • Volume, ml: 500

Descaling SANA "descaling"

  • Vendor code: 137008
  • Volume, ml: 500

Means for cleaning ovens and kitchen stove Rro

  • Vendor code: 137018
  • Volume, ml: 1000

Means for cleaning the stove, ovens and grill SANA

  • Vendor code: 137068
  • Volume, ml: 900

Means for cleaning surfaces Yplon, in assortment

  • Vendor code: 137021
  • Volume, ml: 500

Means for cleaning SAMA, in assortment

  • Vendor code: 137055
  • Volume, g.: 500

Means for cleaning toilets RIO, Universal

  • Vendor code: 137023
  • Volume, ml: 500

Means Santry SANA multipurpose, in assortment

  • Vendor code: 137010
  • Volume, ml: 900

Means Santry SANA Gel multipurpose, in assortment

  • Vendor code: 137009
  • Volume, ml: 500

Means for cleaning multipurpose YPLON, in assortment

  • Vendor code: 137031
  • Volume, ml: 1000

Multipurpose washing powder

  • Vendor code: 137140
  • Volume, g.: 450

Household chemicals

Household chemicals are a separate industry in which more than 30 million goods are produced in the world every year. These include: disinfectants, detergents, bleaching agents, furniture and floor maintenance, plant protection products, insect control agents, etc. 

The use of household chemicals

Widely used in everyday life are received the detergents related to surface-active substances. The composition of synthetic detergents can be included all kinds of alkaline additives: sodium phosphates, sodium silicate, soda, facilitating the washing of many types of fabric. However, for lavsan and wool, for example, sparing detergents are required, which create a neutral reaction in the water. 

For cleaning sinks, tableware, abrasives (solid inert substances) are often added to detergents to facilitate the destruction of solid contaminants. 

Household chemicals - everything for a comfortable cleaning of your premises

Inexpensive household chemicals are represented by a number of proven and popular manufacturers and brands, such as MilaM, "Biosphere" (Proservis, TM Freken Bok), "SAMA", etc. Always in our assortment are inexpensive dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents and bleaches, household cleaning products, air fresheners...

The economy line of good cleaning products of inexpensive household chemicals is designed for cleaning any surfaces: floors with any surface, furniture, windows and mirrors.

Due to the fairly balanced content of detergent additives, household chemicals quite easily remove grease, soot and other dirt from windows and glass, porcelain, crystal, mirrors, tiles and plastic surfaces, are widely used for washing floors, tableware, caring for furniture and appliances, for degreasing kitchen surfaces and washing bins, washing clothes.

In the range of products you can buy household chemicals, everything for the home, cleaning and detergents from well-known manufacturers in bulk in traditional customary volumes, as well as options for dishwashing liquid and liquid soap with a capacity of 5l, cheaper and for long-term use.

Household chemicals at wholesale prices, as well as various packaging produced by Alfa Pack, are supplied to all settlements of Ukraine. For any questions, contact our managers.