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Pressurized containers under the seal

Pressurized container bank 10/50 sealable (Perint)

  • Vendor code:
  • The size of the cover, mm: 50
  • Volume, ml: ten
  • Hight, mm: 14
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

Pressurized container sealable 240/88 (Perint)

  • Vendor code:
  • The size of the cover, mm: 118 * 88
  • Volume, ml: 240
  • Hight, mm: 60
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

Pressurized container sealable 280/98 (Perint)

  • Vendor code:
  • The size of the cover, mm: 136 * 98
  • Volume, ml: 280
  • Hight, mm: 44
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

Pressurized containers under the seal

Containers for sealing are the best option for using in microwave ovens up to + 125 ° С and storing food in freezers up to -40 ° С. This allows you to store in them a variety of products, ranging from frozen meat to all kinds of ready-made meals. This package is indispensable for products with a short shelf life, as it is able to extend it due to the properties of the material from which it is made. 

The main properties of pressurized plastic containers for sealing

  • They are made of reliable polypropylene, resistant to mechanical stress, which contributes to the preservation of the contents;
  • Hermetic packaging, except for a guarantee against product leakage, completely reduces the likelihood of product falsification, ingress of foreign substances and odors;
  • Heat resistance - promotes use in various temperature conditions (from +125 ° C to -40 ° C);
  • Safe and eco-friendly when interacting with food. 

The main advantage of containers for sealing

An additional layer of sealing on 100 percent guarantees additional tightness. As a result of such simple but practical addition, a food-tight sealed container (as, for example, bags for sealing) provides a much longer storage of the contents.

Convenient lid, unlike the equivalent method of sealing the container with foil, makes it possible to re-close the lid and more comfortable storage of the product.

The original packaging design will emphasize your products favorably among the entire mass of competitors on the supermarket shelves.

All products are certified.

You can order various plastic packaging produced by Perint on our website in an assortment of various sizes and shapes for storing and moving various groups of goods at low prices with a guarantee of quality. 

* The entire product range of CJSC Perint is delivered only on order from 10 days