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Household goods

Wet wipes with flip top cap LILI

  • Vendor code: 137111
  • Pieces / pack: 120

LILI wet wipes

  • Vendor code: 137110
  • Pieces / pack: 15

Kitchen sponge yellow

  • Vendor code: 137004
  • Pieces / pack: five

Kitchen sponges Maxi

  • Vendor code: 137005
  • Pieces / pack: five

Kitchen sponges shaped, Rro

  • Vendor code: 137006
  • Pieces / pack: five

Rubber gloves yellow, 1 pair, PRO Optimum

  • Vendor code: 137067
  • Pieces / pack: 1 pair

Kitchen paper towels , recycling White SOLO

  • Vendor code: 137061
  • Pieces / pack: 3

Hand towels V fold, Gray

  • Vendor code: 137059
  • Pieces / pack: 160

Hand towels V fold, green, Albatross

  • Vendor code: 137177
  • Pieces / pack: 160

Paper towel Z-fold, green, Kohavinka

  • Vendor code: 137060
  • Pieces / pack: 180

Viscose napkins, 30x38 cm

  • Vendor code: 137062
  • Pieces / pack: ten

Cellulose napkins 16x16 cm PRO

  • Vendor code: 137063
  • Pieces / pack: ten

Scrub brush PRO

  • Vendor code: 137084
  • Pieces / pack: one

Scrub brush abrasive, 12 * 9 cm

  • Vendor code: 137064
  • Pieces / pack: five

Knitted metal scrub brush, '20

  • Vendor code: 137065
  • Pieces / pack: 3
  • Number of pack / box: 120

Rag for floor PRO, Optimum

  • Vendor code: 137003
  • Pieces / pack: one

Foil 100 meters

  • Vendor code: 139081

Household goods

Household goods and various detergents that are always available in the range of Alpha Pack, are an integral part of life and firmly entered into life. The most often household goods from our range are purchased by wholesale and retail in Kharkov, Sumy, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk and other cities (our representatives already work in many regional centers).

Without household chemicals and goods, which greatly facilitate the care of offices and enterprises and homework, today it is simply impossible to imagine everyday life. 

Wide range at low prices

The range of products of our company is constantly expanding - there are washing and cleaning products of various types, sizes and purposes, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, brooms, brushes and sponges, buckets and much more.

Alfa Pack Company supplies all household chemicals and goods at low prices to all settlements of Ukraine. All products are certified and meet international safety and quality standards.

You can buy cheap wholesale household goods on our website, as well as various types of packaging, paper and plastic tableware, foam polystyrene products and much more at low prices. In the Contacts section there are phone numbers that can be used to contact our managers and clarify with them any interested information, including the methods and conditions of delivery, forms of payment. They will help to make an order with all your requirements.