Cardboard cups holders

Cup holder for 4 cups, kraft

  • Vendor code: 124154
  • Pieces / pack: 110
  • Material: pulpercarton
  • Availability: в наявності

Cup holder for 2 glasses, kraft

  • Vendor code: 124153
  • Pieces / pack: 260
  • Material: pulpercarton
  • Availability: in stock

Cup holder for 2 cups EURO

  • Vendor code: 124067

Cup holder for 2 cups corrugated, AIC

  • Vendor code: 124073
  • Quantity per box: 500
  • Pieces / pack: 50

Cups holder for hot cups

Disposable cups have become absolutely indispensable in the modern world. Their only drawback in some cases (for example, when using plastic disposable cups) was the surface that burns the skin of the hands when filled with hot drinks. In case it is necessary to transfer several cups to one person, certain inconveniences also arise.

In order to eliminate these moments, Alfa Pack has specially developed several variants of cardboard cup holders and a paper holder with a handle for Ripple cups. 

Our products are designed for your comfort

We offer you a cups holder for cups with hot drinks in Kharkov. Cardboard holder for cups on 2 and 4 cells. This holder is very handy for carrying hot glasses. Our holder is quite universal and fits cups from 110 ml to 500 ml.

The holder for paper cups not only provides a high degree of stability for this type of tableware, but can also be used as dissimilar trays in which it is convenient to carry hot drinks not only for themselves, but also for the whole family or a small company. 

Original design and convenience in one product

Convenience and unique, even extravagant, the design of the holder does not leave visitors indifferent. The design of this cup holder has been specifically designed to suit your needs. Ease of use is also combined with the use of a material that is absolutely safe for humans and the environment, and can decompose in the ground within a few months.

These products will show your visitors a concern for their comfort and convenience, and this factor will lead, respectively, to an increase in trust and loyalty to your products.

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