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Lunch-box two-section big Bio

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 260*150*45

Lunch-box one-section deep Bio

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 220*150*50

Rectangular container 1200 ml Bio

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 220*170*63
  • Volume, ml: 1200

Lunch-box two-section Bio

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 270*190*35

Bio Lunch Box is an excellent choice and health care

Increasingly common, we resort to the need to take food from the home for a lunch snack. Due to lack of time, this meal often takes place in the workplace. Also, the delivery of food directly to offices and enterprises has also received particular popularity. It is definitely convenient and saves a lot of time.

What could be more convenient for transporting and storing food in this case? For this purpose, lunch boxes for food, single-section and multi-compartment food containers for several types of contents were invented in order to diversify the daily meal.

But there have always been increased requirements for this type of packaging, as usually it keeps the food for at least several hours. The ideal option was the use of lunch boxes of biodegradable materials.

Biodegradable dishes (bio ware) - made from a special biopolymer film, which is created on the basis of natural corn starch. Due to its characteristics, corn starch is widely used in the medical, textile and food industries. Currently, it is one of the most common materials for the production of biodegradable tableware. 

Biopolymer film lunch boxes - the best packaging for your lunch

  • Handy and usable - single-section and two-section containers will help diversify your daily meal;
  • Lightweight will facilitate the process of transporting food;
  • Maintain various temperature differences, can be used for heating food in the microwave oven or to freeze it;
  • Fully decomposed in the ground for 6-9 months;
  • Resistant to leakage and mechanical stress;
  • Absolutely safe in contact with any kind of food. 

The bio-ware from Alfa Pack meets all the requirements of eco-packaging - environmental certification and labeling in accordance with ISO: 14024

In the range of our products, you can order a variety of bio-ware at low wholesale prices with delivery throughout Ukraine. Our managers, if necessary, will help to create an order by telling about all the characteristics of the offered products.

You can also order from us a variety of cutlery in the range and additional accessories that will help you create a complete set of products for the sale of your catering company products.