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Polypropylene packet sealable

Packet PP 90 * 120

  • Vendor code: 129029
  • Pieces / pack: 1000
  • Thickness, mk: thirty

Packet PP 120 * 160

  • Vendor code: 129001
  • Pieces / pack: 1000
  • Thickness, mk: thirty

Packet PP 150 * 200

  • Vendor code: 129003
  • Pieces / pack: 1000
  • Thickness, mk: thirty

Packet PP 165 * 250

  • Vendor code: 129008
  • Pieces / pack: 1000
  • Thickness, mk: thirty

Packet PP 200 * 250

  • Vendor code: 129015
  • Pieces / pack: 1000
  • Thickness, mk: thirty

Packet PP 250 * 300

  • Vendor code: 129021
  • Pieces / pack: 1000
  • Thickness, mk: thirty

Package for sealing

Material: polypropylene 30 BOPP

Thickness: 30 microns 

Polypropylene packets for sealing

Polypropylene packets for sealing, or as they are called - cellophane, are the simplest and cheapest packaging. Due to its physical properties, like another thermoplastic, polyethylene can be sealed. To obtain a smooth, attractive edge, industrial packages seal-ups are used. As a result of simple manipulations, we obtain beautifully and hermetically packed products.

Plastic packets for sealing allow you to fully demonstrate the product - polypropylene is absolutely transparent and in no way distorts (does not hide) the appearance of the product itself. At the same time, plastic packaging easily copes with its direct purpose - it is one of the hardest, most heat-resistant and most wear-resistant films. 

Primary characteristics of polypropylene

  • Polypropylene is currently one of the most popular materials for the packets production;
  • Reliable and practical material, superior in strength to polyethylene, more resistant to mechanical damage;
  • Maintains a greater load than polyethylene;
  • Due to its properties, it is used for packaging both food products and industrial goods;
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable (melting point +175 ° C). 

Chemical Resistance

The chemical composition of the polypropylene film allows you to withstand even the effects of strong oxidizing agents - 30% hydrogen peroxide or concentrated 58% sulfuric acid (in part - even chlorosulfonic acid, halogens, oleum, fuming nitric acid). In organic solvents at room temperature, propylene only slightly swells.

You can order polypropylene packaging bags for sealing (plastic bags for sealing) of various sizes with a thickness of 30 microns, 1000 units per package. We guarantee high quality and low wholesale prices from the manufacturer. Delivery of goods is made in all settlements of Ukraine.