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Packages ZIP-LOCK

Packages ZIP-LOCK 40x60

  • Vendor code: 127007
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Packages ZIP-LOCK 50x70

  • Vendor code: 127009
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Packages ZIP-LOCK 80x120

  • Vendor code: 127008
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Packages ZIP-LOCK 100x120

  • Vendor code: 127001
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Package ZIP-LOCK 120x180

  • Vendor code: 127010
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Packages ZIP-LOCK 150x200

  • Vendor code: 127003
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Packages ZIP-LOCK 200x250

  • Vendor code: 127005
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Packages ZIP-LOCK 200x300

  • Vendor code: 127006
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Packages ZIP-LOCK 250x300

  • Vendor code: 127012
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Zip-Lock Plastic Bags

Zip-lock packages are an indispensable and the most common type of packaging for all kinds of goods in wholesale and retail networks of different fields. Due to the ability to close the bag with a special fastener many times and at the same time preserve its integrity, also of the strength of polyethylene in combination with a low price, such bags are widely used in many trade areas. 

The use of bags with zip lock

Due to the ability to easily open and securely close plastic bags with a lock, their scope covers not only the segment of large retail and wholesale stores, but also markets. Due to the zip-lock system, the bags are convenient to use, as the bag itself can be sealed several times. 

Packages are widely used for packaging:

  • jewelry;
  • sewing accessories;
  • medical preparations;
  • seeds;
  • fertilizers;
  • auto parts 

The plastic bag with a zip-lock is designed for packing bulk and piece products: fish and meat products, confectionery, nuts, raisins ... Such bags are sealed, they can only be opened from the outside. The manufacture of plastic bags allows you to provide reliable packaging for stores, supermarkets.

Thanks to a large assortment of packaging with us you will find what you were looking for:

Alfa Pack provides Zip-lock packages food-grade wholesale and retail in sizes from 40 * 60 mm to 250 * 300 mm. All packs have a standard thickness of 50 microns, is considered the most optimal for use. Products meet the established standards, absolutely safe in contact with food, as evidenced by a certificate.

You can buy from us zip-lock packages (packaging bags with glue strips) of various sizes, including small ones, in bulk in Kharkov and Kharkov region, and also packages of various materials directly from the manufacturer at low prices, with quality assurance and timely delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine.

In the range of our products, you can also buy various packaging for various food and non-food product groups, choosing the most optimal options for yourself. Our managers will help to create an order, they will answer all your questions.