Bags for packaging your goods

The most common, simplest and, accordingly, the most popular type of packaging is the bag. This inexpensive, practical packaging allows you to "pack up" any product "in an instant" to ensure its safety and ease of transportation.

In its usual form, the usual packing bag, originally used for packing bread, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, was produced in the USA in 1957 and over a couple of decades it becomes an integral attribute of any product worldwide. Since 1982, along with the usual packing bags (plastic and paper), there is a more convenient form - plastic bags T-shirts (bags with a handle). Such packages, in addition to their basic functions (preservation and hygiene), proved to be very convenient and today occupy an honorable leading position among similar types of packaging.

Bags usage

Modern materials and production technology of packages significantly expanded their functionality and applications. Already today we use polymer bags for long-term storage of food as a sealed package - vacuum bags and bags for sealing, or to preserve the desired properties of the product, for example, temperature - thermopacks, foil ...

Taking into account the peculiarities of different types of food and non-food products, packages of various materials may be necessary for their packaging. 

Wide range of the product from the manufacturer

The Alfa Pack company offers a wide range of paper, plastic, polypropylene, vacuum bags, thermal bags at low wholesale prices for the packaging of your goods.

You can order the necessary packages from us with delivery to all settlements of Ukraine in the way convenient for you.

Our managers, if necessary, will help to make an order, tell you about all the properties of the products offered, the features of their use. For our customers there is a flexible system of discounts.

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