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Plastic bags

Plastic bag 260x400

  • Vendor code: 128002
  • Quantity per box: 100
  • Size, mm l*w: 260 * 400
  • Availability: under the order of 14-21 days

Plastic bag 300х500

  • Vendor code: 128001
  • Quantity per box: 100
  • Size, mm l*w: 300 * 500

Plastic bag 375x600

  • Vendor code: 128004
  • Quantity per box: 100
  • Size, mm l*w: 375 * 600

Bag p / e black

  • Vendor code: 128042
  • Quantity per box: 100
  • Size, mm l*w: 380 * 600

Plastic bag in roll

  • Vendor code: 128012
  • Quantity per box: 20
  • Size, mm l*w: 450h220
  • Pieces / roll: 200

Plastic bag M-42

  • Vendor code: 128015
  • Quantity per box: 200
  • Size, mm l*w: 240 * 420
  • Pieces / bag: 5000

Package Plastic bag "Embroidery"

  • Vendor code: 128011
  • Quantity per box: 250
  • Size, mm l*w: 300 * 500

T-shirt bag: thin packaging - great opportunities

The cheapest and easiest way to pack any product is plastic bags. Among them the most popular are packing bags "T-shirt". This is a regular plastic bag in which food or manufactured goods are put in each store. Package "T-shirt" - a fairly durable type of packaging. Its handle is shaped like a regular T-shirt. Due to this feature, the package can withstand goods of considerable weight, and due to the presence of side folds - and a large volume. Such packages are made of thin film, which has a positive effect on the price. Indeed, “T-shirt” bags cost is, which you can buy from us, a penny (compared to the prices of other plastic packaging). In some stores, such packages are issued even for free. 

Among the advantages of the "T-shirt" packages are the following:

  • - strength and reliability;
  • - convenience (T-shirt packages (which are much cheaper to buy in bulk) is more convenient than paper bags);
  • - capaciousness;
  • - small price. 

The only drawback is that the application of advertising information on such package becomes more complicated: a “T-shirt” bag filled with things takes on a convex shape, as a result of which any advertisement on the package is distorted. So, text information becomes poorly readable. Although it can be considered quite effective to apply a simple pattern (most often a two-color one), a small company logo, or the production of packages of corporate colors. Print images on bags using flexographic printing. Plastic bag with the logo is an excellent carrier of advertising information.

In the range of our products, you can order cheap transparent T-shirt bags of various sizes, 100 pieces in a package, including ordering plastic bags with a logo in bulk, at low prices from the manufacturer. Also, available are plastic bags with handles in rolls. Especially popular are the white Embroidery bags with applied national patterns, due to which they look bright and original.

The company Alfa Pack is a manufacturer of packaging from various materials. You can buy cheap packaging bags from us, plastic bags, T-shirt bags with handles in bulk and the possibility of applying a logo. The assortment includes paper, plastic, polypropylene and other types of packages. We guarantee timely delivery of products throughout Ukraine. Production, manufacture of plastic bags "T-shirt" is made in accordance with international standards of quality and safety.