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Gloves in assortment

Polyethylene gloves with avulsion

  • Vendor code: 133006
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Polyethylene gloves without avulsion

  • Vendor code: 133005
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Latex gloves white

  • Vendor code: 133011
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Latex gloves yellow

  • Vendor code: 137058
  • Pieces / pack: 1 pair

Nitrile Gloves Blue

  • Vendor code: 133019
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Nitrile gloves, black

  • Vendor code: 133014
  • Pieces / pack: 100

Gloves nitrile, latex, polyethylene

Gloves reliably protect hands from dirt, grease, odors during working with products, various chemical irritants (varnishes, paints, detergents and cosmetics)

Disposable polyethylene gloves - durable, thin, hypoallergenic gloves, an indispensable attribute of hygiene in the household, and in the grocery store or pharmacy. Also, such gloves are used to protect hands from moisture, dirt and non-toxic (low-toxic) substances. 

Polyethylene glove usage

Polyethylene gloves are widely used in hairdressing salons (to protect the master’s hands from chemical compounds and paint contact when dyeing hair), for various types of food processing (from packaging and processing vegetables and fruits, to packaging confectionery, milk processing, processing meat and fish), for cleaning the premises ... Disposable polyethylene gloves are widely used as a waterproof or hypoallergenic liner for other gloves.

Compared to polyethylene gloves, latex gloves are more durable, reliable and economical, which gives them a wider scope of application. In everyday life, more common, so called, rubber gloves: household rubber gloves, medical rubber gloves, etc. 

Use of latex gloves

Naturally, due to the increased protective properties, latex gloves were first used in medicine (in 1834 by Dr. Richard Cook in New Jersey as a means of protection against gynecological sepsis in obstetrics). In the future, other areas of cosmetology, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, light industry and the automotive industry also adopted a convenient defense. Rubber gloves turned out to be indispensable rubber gloves for some construction and transport and warehouse works, in everyday life and household (for example, for cleaning the premises, washing dishes). 

Gloves nitrile SafeTouch

  • Strong nitrile non-sterile gloves black;
  • Direct indication for use - the presence of latex allergy. Do not contain latex;
  • Created for use in dentistry, laboratories, in all types of medicine diagnostics, pharmacology, light and food industries, cosmetology;
  • Need to be hide from sunlight and fluorescent light;
  • Store in a dry place at a temperature of 5-30 degrees Celsius;
  • Meet the standard EN 455 -1, 2 

There are a wide range of gloves on our website. You can buy disposable polyethylene gloves in a package of 100 pieces, also household latex, non-sterile, nitrile gloves in bulk at the lowest price in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

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