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PET bottles

PET bottles 0.5 L

  • Vendor code: 134002+134010
  • Quantity per box: 150
  • Diameter, mm: 67
  • Hight, mm: 190

Pet bottle 1 L

  • Vendor code: 134003+134010
  • Quantity per box: 110
  • Diameter, mm: 80
  • Hight, mm: 255

PET bottle 1.5L

  • Vendor code: 134004+134010
  • Quantity per box: 100
  • Diameter, mm: 85
  • Hight, mm: 330

Pet bottle 2L

  • Vendor code: 134007+134010
  • Quantity per box: 72
  • Diameter, mm: 100
  • Hight, mm: 340

Pet bottle 3 l

  • Vendor code: 134008+134010
  • Quantity per box: 50
  • Diameter, mm: 120
  • Hight, mm: 330

Sauce bottle 200 ml

  • Vendor code:
  • Quantity per box: 200
  • Hight, mm: 135

Sauce bottle, 0.5 L

  • Vendor code: 118150

Sauce bottle, 0.5 L

  • Vendor code: 118009

Sauce bottle, 0.75 l

  • Vendor code: 118004

Sauce bottle, 1L.

  • Vendor code: 118005

PET bottle 

PET bottle (plastic bottle) is a popular packaging for transporting and storing liquids. Such plastic bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (common names PET, polyester) by the method of blow moulding. Currently, PET is used to produce all sorts of packaging for beverages and products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. A wide range of uses is possible due to the optimal balance of the characteristics of PET and the fact that in the ready product it is possible to control the level of orientation and the degree of crystallinity. 

The main advantages of PET material:

  • absolute freedom to shape;
  • does not have its own foreign odors, does not adsorb external odors;
  • hard durable and lightweight material;
  • high temperature resistance (from - 40°С to + 200°С);
  • resistance to impact and cracking;
  • high chemical resistance;
  • PET plastic is not poisonous, it is absolutely suitable for use in the food industry (food packaging - bottles, disposable tableware, trays; films (polyester), etc.)

Buy a PET bottle, we have the most popular options:

  • bottle volume - 0.5 l, 1 l, 1.5 l, 2 l and 3 l;
  • colour - transparent, colour under the order
  • for the sticker

The range includes both ordinary plastic bottles of different sizes for storing and transporting all kinds of liquids, as well as special bottles for sauces ranging from 0.25 l to 1 l in several versions of colors and design.

When storing various sauces, mustard, one of the most important factors is the ability to preserve not only the original freshness and quality of the products, but also to ensure the complete safety of the refined flavour of all kinds of seasonings that make up the sauces.

The best option for storing and transporting sauces is special plastic bottles with dispenser. This is a PET package, when used, you can be sure of the complete safety and security of the contents, when it interacts with the material from which the container is made. All products are certified in accordance with established standards and regulations. Buy PET bottles wholesale and retail at low prices in Kharkov, with delivery in Ukraine.

If you have any questions, please contact our managers by phone numbers listed on the website. They will tell in detail about the characteristics of the goods, help to create an order in accordance with your wishes. Delivery of all packaging is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine at a convenient time for you.