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Plastic tray for eggs

Tray for eggs 10 automatic / manual packaging

  • Vendor code: 100070
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 245*105*65
  • Pieces / pack: 480

Tray for eggs 15 automatic / manual packaging

  • Vendor code: 100071
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 245*105*65
  • Pieces / pack: 270

Packaging for eggs 10 brown PET

  • Vendor code: 144001
  • Pieces / pack: 600

Plastic packaging for eggs - the goods "on palm"

The main requirements for egg packaging are strength, low weight and high degree of rigidity. Plastic egg packaging offered by Alfa Pak complies with all these criteria.

Egg packaging is made from high quality raw materials - PS or PET material. The assortment includes plastic trays for 10 and 15 eggs.

Packaging is sold at competitive prices, comes in any quantity. 

Packaging for eggs from Alfa Pack has several advantages compared with traditional packaging:

  • The transparency of the container allows you to see the product without opening the box;
  • Provides reliable protection from mechanical external influences, contains internal racks and special blast partitions;
  • Convenient to store, during transportation, to use. Compact, takes up little space in the car when moving, and in stock;
  • The package design for chicken eggs makes it possible to “breathe” the product, which has a beneficial effect on their shelf life. Due to the separate localization in each cell, even if one egg is damaged, it prevents the spread of bacteria;
  • Robust locks protect both the eggs and the buyer from accidentally opening the package;
  • Resistant to humidity and temperature extremes. 

Molding method - quality and strength of packaging

The most high-quality packaging for eggs from plastic is made using the molding method using punches. At the same time, the film is not blown out, but drawn out, which contributes to the required rigidity over the entire surface and ensures a uniform wall thickness.

Delivery of production packaging of our company is produced throughout Ukraine at low prices. We guarantee high quality of our products in accordance with established international standards.