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Plastic jar Mini

Jar sauceboat 10 (80 pcs / sleeve) 1M10 (Perint)

  • Vendor code: 117017
  • The size of the cover, mm: 34
  • Volume, ml: ten
  • Hight, mm: 22
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

Jar sauceboat 30 (80 pcs / sleeve) 2M30 (Perint)

  • Vendor code: 117018
  • The size of the cover, mm: 51
  • Volume, ml: thirty
  • Hight, mm: thirty
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

Jar sauceboat 50 (80 pcs / sleeve) 3M50 (Perint)

  • Vendor code: 117019
  • The size of the cover, mm: 62
  • Volume, ml: 50
  • Hight, mm: thirty
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

Jar sauceboat 80 (80 pcs / sleeve) 4M80 (Perint)

  • Vendor code: 117020
  • The size of the cover, mm: 72
  • Volume, ml: 80
  • Hight, mm: 34
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

Plastic Jar Mini

Plastic jars - demanded packing in many segments of production and trade. In addition, such jar is an indispensable attribute of most presentations. One of the main factors of product promotion is tasting presentations of products. The ideal packaging option for carrying them out is reliable and practical containers that preserve the integrity of the liquid, eliminating the possibility of leakage, and will also guarantee the protection of its original freshness and taste properties. 

The scope of small plastic containers is quite wide, and they, in particular, are used as:

  • containers for sauces,
  • jars for test samples,
  • containers for non-food products (for example, a jar for a cream);
  • slime jars

The peculiarity of various sauces, ketchups, mustard is the need to preserve not only the initial freshness of the product, but also the whole range of taste, flavor of seasonings. This requires the appropriate packaging.

The basic properties of mini jars

  • Made of a material that is resistant to acute, acidic substances, I do not emit harmful toxins when interacting with them;
  • Small, compact, the range includes a choice of containers of various volumes;
  • The hinged lid reliably protects the contents from leakage and ingress of foreign substances and odors.

The advantages of plastic jars compared with glass and ceramic counterparts

  • Low cost;
  • Practicality and reliability - you can be sure that the container with the contents will not break;
  • The possibility of applying advertising images will help to increase the level of sales and awareness of your brand.

The packaging design itself is also interesting - the integrated lid (one-piece, folding) complements the comfort of use and gives a special charm to the container. Often these jars are used as packaging for slimes, which is very convenient.

You can order plastic jars from Mini Production Perint at low wholesale prices with delivery to all locations in Ukraine at convenient times for you. Also in the assortment there is a wide choice of other plastic packaging for various product groups at wholesale prices from the manufacturer.