Salad bowl

Salad bowl Bio 300

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d105 h47
  • Volume, ml: 300

Salad bowl Bio 350

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d125 h50
  • Volume, ml: 350

Lid biodegradable d105

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d 105

Lid biodegradable d125

  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d 125

Salad bowl

The use of bio-ware is growing. In particular, the soup bowls are used as one of the most common and frequently used types of plates, both in places of public catering.

Biodegradable dishes (bio ware) – is made from a special biopolymer film, which is created on the basis of natural corn starch. Due to its characteristics, corn starch is widely used in the medical, textile and food industries. Currently, it is one of the most common materials for the production of biodegradable tableware. 

Why our soup bowl?

  • Handy and usable;
  • Lightweight contributes to more comfortable use;
  • Maintain differences of temperatures from -20ºС to 100ºС;
  • Fully decomposed in the ground for 6-9 months;
  • Does not leak. 

Benefits of bio-ware made of corn starch

  • Does not contain harmful substances, is safe in contact with food;
  • Maintains significantly high and low temperature differences;
  • Longer preservation of freshness of products compared to plastic counterparts;
  • Comfortable use, low weight;
  • Practicality and resistance to mechanical impact.

Alfa Pack offers biodegradable salad bowls and lids for them in various sizes. Compact bio soup bowls are very durable and heat resistant.

Alfa Pack's bio ware meets all the requirements of eco-packaging - environmental certification and labeling.

In the range of our products, you can order a variety of bio-ware at low wholesale prices with delivery throughout Ukraine. Our managers, if necessary, will help to create an order by telling about all the characteristics of the offered products.


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