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Paper Napkins

Lavender napkin for bars

  • Vendor code: 142230
  • Quantity per box: 10
  • Pieces / pack: 400
  • Material: paper

Green napkin for bars

  • Vendor code: 142231
  • Quantity per box: 10
  • Pieces / pack: 400
  • Material: paper

Yellow napkin for bars

  • Vendor code: 142229
  • Quantity per box: 10
  • Pieces / pack: 400
  • Material: paper

Paper napkin

  • Vendor code: 142042
  • Pieces / pack: 500

Bar Napkin small Premier

  • Vendor code: 142087
  • Pieces / pack: 65

Paper Napkins "Clean House" standard

  • Vendor code: 142091
  • Pieces / pack: 55

Paper napkins

Paper napkins - a very important consumer product. Their use during meals at home, at various events and in places of public catering is binding for a comfortable and convenient sitting at the table. 

Natural materials - safety in use

Napkins are made from high-quality moisture-resistant cellulose that meets hygienic standards, and therefore are 100% eco-friendly product. The use of special dyes for applying various images also makes it possible to use them without concern for their health and the environment.

Modern equipment makes it possible to produce an economical napkin that has high consumer properties and at the same time low consumption of raw materials, which ultimately affects the interesting price and ensures respect for nature. Of the entire range, we are ready to offer the most optimal solutions for your business: white paper napkins, color napkins, napkins with a pattern. 

Napkins - the carrier of advertising information

The application of the logo offered by our company will make an additional advertisement for your products and will raise its sales. The brand will be memorable. This method of unobtrusive advertising always attracts special attention, staying in memories of buyers.

We also offer you to buy beautiful decorative napkins for the confectionery industry and catering places.

You can order a variety of bar accessories in the assortment: toothpicks, straws of various colors and sizes, and many other accessories that will help provide your customers with everything they need to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine. 

The possibility of applying the logo on single-layer napkins – only in ordering from 25,000 pieces