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Scotch tape

Scotch tape 48 * 100 meters

  • Vendor code: 138002
  • Width, mm: 48
  • Winding, m: 100

Scotch tape 48 * 200 meters

  • Vendor code: 138007
  • Width, mm: 48
  • Winding, m: 200

Scotch tape 48 * 500 meters

  • Vendor code: 138013
  • Width, mm: 48
  • Winding, m: 500

Scotch tape

Packing adhesive tape (better known as scotch tape) is one of the most common packaging materials widely used in everyday life and at work (most often used to seal corrugated packaging and other types of packaging).

The accompanying product of adhesive tape is often a stretch film.

Packaging tape is different from the stationery by increased width and thickness of the adhesive layer. 

Types of packing tape in the ratio of adhesive layer with tape thickness:

  • 40, 43 microns - thin scotch tape - used for sticking polyethylene packages, light boxes;
  • 45 microns - this tape can be used for gluing frozen and refrigerated products, can be used for temporary packaging of not very heavy packages;
  • 50 microns - the most commonly used adhesive tape for packing boxes up to 25 kg, characterized by high frost resistance and reliability;
  • 54 microns and above - it is characterized by the highest level of adhesion, used to pack the heaviest goods, used at low temperatures and high humidity. 

Tapes are made in various widths - 48mm and 75mm (for large boxes) in rolls with the most suitable for a particular type of winding work (adhesive tape length). For manual sticking or using devices for manual unwinding (dispensers for scotch tape), an adhesive tape of 50–200 m in length is recommended, and more “massive” scotch tape is usually used for machine sticking.

Scotch tape can be both transparent and color. Various ways of branding are also widespread (for example, applying a logo on a sleeve or on a tape) and affixing to the tape inscriptions such as "SALE", etc.

Scotch tape with a logo emphasizes the identity of products to a particular brand, thereby creating advertising promotion.

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