Cups from foamed polystyrene

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Foamed polystyrene cups

Packaging made of foamed polystyrene is becoming increasingly popular, as it is not only safe to use, but also easy to dispose of, thereby not harming human health and the environment.

Thermal insulating properties of such packaging make it possible to warm food in a microwave oven or freeze it in a freezer.

Due to all the advantages of foamed polystyrene packaging, not only foamed trays, lunch boxes, but also various tableware, plates, soup bowls are widespread. Recently, cups of foamed polystyrene have become in great demand. They are ideal for both hot and cold drinks without discomfort to the hands. 

Advantages of heat-resistant cups made of foamed polystyrene:

  • Lightweight and practicality are suitable for any drinks (cups do not leak, are resistant to mechanical impact);
  • Due to the wall thickness of 2 mm and excellent thermal insulation properties of foamed polystyrene, it is convenient to pour cold and hot drinks into this cup.
  • Tea does not burn your hands, and lemonade stays cold longer. Read more about the benefits of products from foamed polystyrene here. 

You can buy foamed polystyrene cups, lids with blocking, ventilated lids and cappuccino lids in an assortment.

In addition to cups made of foamed polystyrene, you can order soup bowls, plates, and lunch boxes of this material for a complete set of tableware for your lunches, organizing outdoor activities with convenience and comfort.

If you have questions, call the phone numbers listed on the website. Our managers will tell you about all the properties of products, including the features and conditions of their use, the timing and types of delivery, convenient forms of payment.

All packaging, regardless of the material from which it is made, meets international quality standards.

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