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Disposable glasses

Disposable glass "Vodka glass"

  • Vendor code: 118015
  • Volume, ml: 80.1
  • Pieces / box: 4000

Disposable glass

  • Vendor code: 118021
  • Volume, ml: 180
  • Pieces / box: 2500

Disposable glass (tea / brew / beer)

  • Vendor code: 118022
  • Volume, ml: 300
  • Pieces / box: 3000

Beer glass disposable 460, 480, 500 ml

  • Vendor code: 118033
  • Volume, ml: 460.480.500
  • Pieces / box: 1500

Set №1

  • Vendor code:

Disposable glass - hygiene and comfort in one product

Are you going to have fun with friends in nature or sit comfortably in a cozy place? Our disposable plastic cups will help you with this, ensuring hygiene and ease of use of your favorite drinks.

The company "Alfa Pack" produces high-quality disposable plastic glasses called polypropylene. Glasses of such material come out light, comfortable to use and durable. This is a hygienic and easy to use disposable tableware. 

The main properties of glasses made of polypropylene:

  • Eco-friendly material, absolutely safe when interacting with various types of liquids, including alcohol;
  • Maintains the big range of temperature differences;
  • Durable material resistant to mechanical impact;
  • Low prices in relation to glass counterparts. 

Uses of disposable cups

Our glasses can be used as disposable glasses for tea, soft drinks and juice, as well as alcohol, beer, kvass, milkshakes.

Alfa Pack is a manufacturer of various high quality packaging in accordance with European standards. You can buy disposable plastic transparent glasses of 100 ml, 180 ml, 300 ml and other volumes in bulk, at the lowest prices in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. This will be relevant for further use in the catering system (cafes, fast food chains, catering, company offices, large shopping centers and food supermarkets, railway and other transport service systems).

You can also order additional accessories that will become indispensable in addition to selling your products: plastic and wooden stirrers, sugar in sticks, straws in an assortment, cardboard holders for glasses and much more at low wholesale prices from the manufacturer.

Delivery of products is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine in a short time. Our managers will help you to create an order. They will answer all your questions, will provide you with comprehensive information regarding forms of payment and delivery terms.