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Soup bowls

Soup container of 500 ml, Romania

  • Vendor code: 116006
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d110 h90
  • Volume, ml: 500
  • Pieces / pack: 630

Soup container of 350 ml, Romania

  • Vendor code: 116004
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d110 h70
  • Volume, ml: 350
  • Pieces / pack: 630

The lid for soup container 350 / 500ml, Romania

  • Vendor code: 116007
  • External dimensions: diameter, height, mm: d110
  • Pieces / pack: 630

12SJ20 Soup container of FPS

  • Vendor code: 116005
  • Volume, ml: 360
  • Pieces / pack: 500

16MJ32 Soup container of FPS

  • Vendor code: 116008
  • Volume, ml: 480
  • Pieces / pack: 500

10B20 Soup container of FPS

  • Vendor code: 116010
  • Volume, ml: 300
  • Pieces / pack: 1000

8B20 Soup container of FPS

  • Vendor code: 116017
  • Volume, ml: 240
  • Pieces / pack: 1000

12B32 Soup container of FPS

  • Vendor code: 116003
  • Volume, ml: 360
  • Pieces / pack: 1000

Soup and lids made of foamed polystyrene

The modern fast lifestyle is increasingly pushing people to eat "on the way" or "in the workplace." The sale of set meals for takeaway or office delivery is gaining popularity and is becoming the norm for most employees of various companies. An indispensable attribute of disposable tableware for catering are the soup bowls, having a larger volume compared with disposable plates. Such soup bowls with lids are not only very handy and usable, but also look like an ordinary ceramic bowl without a pattern, which increase comfort and homely in the process of eating. 

You can buy imported foam polystyrene soup bowls made of high quality material with a thermos effect of various shapes and volumes. 

Advantages of foam polystyrene soup:

  • Safe to use, in contact with food;
  • Easily recycled;
  • Due to its high thermal insulation properties, it can be used for both cold and hot dishes;
  • They are lightweight, which is an additional factor for comfortable use. 

Our dishes are made for your health

You can order soup bowl from foamed polystyrene at low wholesale prices on our website with the guarantee of timely delivery to all locations in Ukraine. Soup containers vary in size. You can choose the best options for yourself.

The range of products also includes high-quality cutlery made from eco-friendly materials that will help you fully choose everything you need to organize food consumption at work, in places of public catering or during outdoor events.

In case of questions, call the specified phone numbers on the Contacts page. Our managers will help to make an order, tell you about all the options for delivery and payment.

All products are certified and meet established international quality and safety standards.