Vacuum packages

Vacuum package (any size)

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  • Thickness, mk: 60-90

Any size, thickness from 60 to 90 microns 

The main advantages of vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are very convenient, hermetic type of packaging, due to it the preservation of products without oxygen (in a rarefied environment) is possible for a rather long period.

Vacuum bags for products contribute to a significant increase in their shelf life. Products in such hygienic packaging do not lose their attractive appearance for a long time, do not lose their properties. The packaging itself, made of high-quality PA / PE film, does not lose its transparency and is resistant to thermal effects.

The cost of vacuum bags is cheaper than metal or glass containers, as a practically of transportability is the same. Modern materials withstand external pressures of hundreds kilograms. At the same time, the use of such vacuum packaging can save up to 90-95% of warehouse and retail space. 

Vacuum packages - wholesale prices and manufacturer guarantee

You can order on our website both vacuum packages and other types of packages for various product groups at wholesale prices from the manufacturer.

All products meet the international standards. Delivery is made throughout Ukraine.

You can also buy a variety of packaging made from safe and eco-friendly materials by contacting our managers on the phone numbers listed on the website. They will tell in detail about all the properties and characteristics of the products presented, the features of their use.

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