Corner protector

Corner protector

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Protective corners for transporting your goods

We are not always able to preserve integrity of goods during transporting. To avoid this, special protective corners have been developed for carton made of pulperboard (molded paper fiber). 

Corners from pulpe carton - excellent alternative to polyfoam. In the course of the experiment, when the corners were made to keep the computer inside the cardboard box, it was thrown (weighing 8 kg) from different heights. According to the results of this experiment, the corners of molded paper fiber to a large extent surpassed their counterparts of foam plastic in protective characteristics. 

The advantages of cardboard pulper:

  • Under critical burden, the molded paper fiber crumples and dampens the impact, protecting the product from damage is much better than its counterparts;
  • Does not require special costs for recycling;
  • Absolutely ecological, quickly decomposes in the ground. 

Due to the production of such products, our company not only guarantees its customers storage and safe transportation of your goods, but also is responsible for the preservation of the environment.

You can order from us the corner protectors of molded paper fiber at low prices from the manufacturer with the guarantee of timely delivery throughout Ukraine. If you have any questions, please contact our qualified specialists on the Contacts page.

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