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Branding of goods as the main type of advertising


Branding of goods as the main type of advertising

Interesting and simple name, a logotype embodying in memory, a good slogan, can attract customers and reserve your place in the market for a long time, increase sales, bring joy and good mood to your customers.

Manufacturers are looking for ever new ways of effective advertising, and in these searches often lose their personality. Sometimes searches bring to the point of absurdity. But it is worth noting that branding, that is, applying a logo to dishes, paper cups, plates, allows you to maintain uniqueness, add recognition and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

This is especially important for owners of cafes and restaurants, as well as food delivery services.

Branded disposable tableware, paper cups, plates play an important role in product advertising, as this is the most cost-effective and fastest form of advertising.

Who uses packaging with a logo or brand name?

  • cafe;
  • bars;
  • restaurants;
  • fast food;;
  • food delivery services;
  • markets;
  • the shops;
  • coffee houses;
  • vending companies.

Eco-friendly dishes must be special

Of course, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of environmental friendliness of dishes. Therefore, our company produces only environmentally friendly products. Using only environmentally friendly materials, we strive to provide an aesthetic and attractive appearance of our products. We do not just create environmentally friendly dishes - we strive to make it bright and attractive.

Additional branding gives the cups and plates a beautiful appearance, but also allows the manufacturer to constantly experiment in accordance with the holidays or seasons, and also always be in trend. Thus, it will allow your products to be relevant in any situation.

We can put a logo or a trademark on the following types of packaging and containers:

  • on disposable tableware;
  • paper cups;
  • on paper plates;
  • on napkins;
  • the packaging for pizza;
  • on the packaging for cakes and cupcakes;
  • on paper bags;
  • placemat;
  • and other types of packaging.

Branding service is popular, as it is more than just advertising. With its help, you will receive not only a cost-effective and relevant promotion of your product, but also you can withstand the uniform design of your institution or company.

For more than 20 years, Alfa-Pak has been offering its customers different types of packaging and utensils made of paper, plastic and aluminum. Our range is constantly updated, as well as discount and loyalty systems. You can purchase products on our website both wholesale and retail. Write to us and our consultants will help you place your order, and will answer all your questions.