Boat shape container 220/94 / R (Perint)

  • Boat shape container 220/94 / R (Perint)
  • Vendor code:
  • External dimensions, mm: 168 * 94
  • Volume, ml: 220
  • Hight, mm: 32
  • Manufacturer: ZAO Perint

product Description Boat shape container 220/94/K (Perint)

Boat shape container 220/94/K (Perint) - a handy packaging, which is made from non-toxic materials, that allows it to be used for storing and transporting food. This product is used for preserves, honey, desserts and sauces, as well as cosmetics, chemicals, feed, fishing equipment and more. Boat shape container 220/94/R (Perint) has a removable tightly closable flat cover 94 which is fixed by the edges and allows stacked containers, providing it with immobility. In addition, this position has the opening control.

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