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Container PP-116 (black bottom)

  • Container PP-116 (black bottom)
  • Vendor code: 100141+100142
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 140*98
  • Quantity per box: 800
  • Volume, ml: 500

Product Description Conteiner PP-116 (black bottom)


The Container PP-116 (black bottom) - a handy packaging, which is made from non-toxic materials, can be used for heating food in microwave, storing and transporting food. This packaging used for ready-made dishes, salads, dairy products, and desserts (cream, curd mass, etc.). The container PP-116 (black bottom) has a removable cover which is fixed by the edges
.< span style = "color:#ff0000;"!>Warning! container material (food polypropylene) does not imply heating above + 120-130 ° C