Paper bag 150*270*50

  • Paper bag 150*270*50
  • Vendor code: 130095
  • Pieces / box: 1000
  • Material: kraft paper
  • Paper property: non grease resistant
  • Density of paper: 50 g/m2
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Product Description paper bag 150*270*50


Paper package 150*270*50 Ukraine (package products) - handy and practical, made from non-toxic materials that are safe for the human health. The field of use of paper food packing packages is quite wide, it can be used as packages for souvenirs and gifts, food, and more. Often, it can be found in stores with different pastries: scones and cakes. Here you can buy paper bags for bread and other foods, and also order prints of your logo or any other image, making them advertise your business. Paper bag 150*270*50 Ukraine suitable for light products.

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