PAPER BAG 190*70*40

  • PAPER BAG 190*70*40
  • PAPER BAG 190*70*40
  • PAPER BAG 190*70*40
  • Vendor code: 130131
  • Hight, mm: 190
  • Pieces / box: 2000
  • Width, mm: 70
  • Material: kraft paper
  • Density of paper: 38 g/m2
  • Inset, mm: 40
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Product Description paper bag 190*70*40 

Paper bag 190*70*40  - handy and practical, made from non-toxic materials that are safe for the human health. The field of use is quite wide, it can be used as a package for souvenirs and gifts, food, and more. Often, it can be found in stores with different pastries: scones and cakes. Here you can purchase this product, and also order prints of your logo or any other image, making them advertise your business. Paper bag 190*70*40 suited for light production.

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