PVC film 8,5x450x300

  • PVC film 8,5x450x300
  • Vendor code: 139015
  • Quantity per box: one
  • The volume of the box, m3: 0.011
  • Thickness, mk: 8.5
  • Width, mm: 450
  • Winding, m: 300

Product Description PVC film 8,5x450x300

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Stretch film made of PVC 8,5x450x300 is non-toxic material that is safe for human health, so it can interact with food. Often used to securement the fruits, vegetables, meat, and other semi-finished products in the tray. Stretch film 8,5x450x300 PVC is not only well secure the goods before storage and transportation, maintaining the integrity and the marketable condition, but gives the ability to assess appearance a.o. the texture transparent material. Good stretch, but it can only interact with light products, as it has no resistance to mechanical damage.

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