CUP FOR SNACKS 400 ML white-brown

  •  CUP FOR SNACKS 400 ML white-brown
  • Vendor code: 142437
  • Volume, ml: 400
  • Diameter, mm: 85
  • Hight, mm: 115
  • Pieces / pack: 25
  • Number of pack / box: 950
  • Material: paper
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Product Description Cup for snacks 400 ml white-brown


Cup for snacks is a great option for packing various snacks, french fries, nuggets. Cup for snacks 400 ml white-brown made from kraft paperboard, which is an eco-friendly material, absolutely safe for human health. capacious and usable. Strong enough. It does not emit toxic foreign odors. It retains the qualitative characteristics of capacity. Easy disposing.

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