Soup bowl PR-MS-500

  • Soup bowl PR-MS-500
  • Vendor code: 104020+104008
  • Quantity per box: 540
  • Volume, ml: 500
  • Diameter, mm: 144
  • Hight, mm: 70

Product Description Soup bowl PR-MS-500


Soup bowl PR-MS-500 - a handy packaging, which is made from non-toxic materials, which allows it used for storing and transporting food. This product is used for salads, soups prepared for consumption, as well as dairy products and desserts (sour cream, curd mass, etc.). The soup bowl PR-MS-500 has a removable cover, which is fixed by the edges
.Warning! Material container (food polypropylene) does not imply heating above + 120-130 ° C