Packing for fries Maxi

  • Packing for fries Maxi
  • Packing for fries Maxi
  • Vendor code: 142112
  • External dimensions, mm l*w*h: 195х143
  • Pieces / pack: 50
  • Number of pack / box: 25

Product Description Packing for fries "MAXI"


Packaging for fries "MAXI" - handy packaging that is used for food. Made from non-toxic materials. Often used for fries, but can be used as a package for the Nuggets. It is in the current interest in a fast food restaurant. Packing for fries "MAXI" protects the hand from spices, oil and hot. Production of cardboard packaging with the logo will help to create additional advertising for your brand, increase recognizing and the number of buyers.

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